Digitrip Ground Fault Current Settings
Enter trip unit information to display expected ground fault pickup.
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  • Applicable to most EATON, Cutler-Hammer, and Westinghouse Digitrip RMS trip units. Use this module in absense of manufacturers literature as values may vary depending on circuit breaker style.
  • The eight (8) Digitrip Ground Fault Pickup Current settings are labeled with the code letters "A" through "K" (except there are no "G" or "I" settings).
  • In general, the specific current settings range from 0.25 to 1.0 times (In), the rating plug value, but cannot exceed 1200A.
  • Tolerances on settings are +/-10% of the values shown.
  • When using an external single phase current source to test low level ground fault current settings, it is advisable to use the Auxiliary Power Module (APM). Especially when the single phase current is low, without the APM it may appear as if the trip unit does not respond until the current is well above the set value, leading the tester to believe there is an error in the trip unit when there is none.

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GF Settings Table
  • Digitrip RMS Ground Fault Settings Table