ETT Study Guide Book 3: Component Testing

Component Testing

Examination weight

  • Level 2 - 55% Overall Score
  • Level 3 - 47% Overall Score
  • Level 4 - 55% Overall Score

Technician Profiles

Level 1 - Assists higher technicians, makes basic measurements, performs set up and removal of test equipment along with basic maintenance and cleaning.

Level 2 - Performs inspections, tests, data collection and can test for de-energized locked out/tagged out equipment.

Level 3 - Supervises lower technicians, keeps records, evaluates, and writes reports. Also performs moderately complex tasks, troubleshoots and interacts with other skills and operations.

Level 4 - Supervises large projects and multiple crews. Is capable of working independently and performing more complex investigations, tests, and evaluations. Reviews reports, recommends corrective actions, interacts with engineers and managers.

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