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AC Voltage Calculator
Convert between peak, peak-to-peak, rms, and average AC voltage quantities.
AI Chat Bot
TestGuy GPT. Open AI model trained on electrical testing and engineering topics.
ANSI Device Numbers
Quick search ANSI standard device numbers and their definition.
Battery Inspection
Electronic form for testing battery systems in accordance with NETA standards.
Battery Terms & Definitions
Quick reference of over 250 battery terms and acronyms with dynamic search.
Bolt Torque Values
Look up the recommended torque value for various types and grades of U.S. standard fasteners.
Circuit Breaker Schematics
BETA Module. Quick access to essential control drawings for circuit breakers.
Circuit Breaker Terms & Definitions
Dynamic quick reference of over 150 circuit breaker terms and acronyms.
Contact Resistance DB
Compare contact-resistance to real world values submitted by TestGuy members.
DGA Diagnosis, Duval's Triangle
BETA Module. Diagnose transformer fault types using dissolved gas values and Duval's triangle.
Digitrip GF Pickups
Find expected Ground Fault pickup values for most Cutler-Hammer/Westinghouse Digitrip RMS trip units.
Disconnect Switch Test
Electronic form for testing most types of disconnect and loadbreak switches in accordance with NETA standards.
Electrical Symbols
Browse common electrical diagram symbols or search dynamically by name.
Fall of Potential Test
Electronic test form for saving fall of potential test data.
General Inspection
Electronic test form for saving notes during general inspections.
Ground Fault Protection Test
Electronic test form for documenting NEC required ground fault protection tests in accordance with NETA standards.
Ground Resistance/Continuity Test
Electronic test form for saving point-to-point ground resistance test data.
Instrument Transformer Test
Electronic test form for saving instrument transformer test data.
Insulation Resistance Test
Electronic test form for saving insulation resistance test data.
Link Directory
Stay connected in the industry with our link directory. Quickly locate the top manufacturers, publications, test equipment providers, and more.
Loss of Excitation
Calculate useful values for testing GE & SEL generator protection relays.
Low-Voltage Circuit Breaker Test
Electronic form for testing low-voltage power circuit breakers in accordance with NETA standards.
MV Cable Test Voltage
Get recommended voltage for DC and VLF cable testing.
MV Cable VLF/TD Test
Electronic form for VLF/TD testing medium-voltage cable in accordance with NETA standards.
MVA Calculator
Find MVA rating of a circuit breaker using nameplate ratings.
Maintenance Frequency
Get recommended service intervals for power distribution equipment and build maintenance plans based on NETA and NFPA standards.
Meter Settings Test
Electronic test form for saving multi-function metering tests.
Motor Calculations
Find FLA and torque for electric motors or convert between Horsepower and Watts.
Ohm's Law Calculator
Calculate the relationship between voltage, current, and resistance or the relationship between power, voltage, and current.
Percent Error Calculator
Calculate percent error with calibrated and actual results.
Polarization Index Test
Electronic test form for saving polarization index (PI) test data.
Power Factor Calulations
Calculate power factor for single- and three-phase circuits and find correction capacitor.
Power Triangle Calculator
Find PF, VAR, W and VA with any two known quantities or review power triangle formulas.
Protective Relay Terms & Definitions
Over 200 protective relay terms and definitions, compiled from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers and the National Association of Relay Manufacturers.
Relay TOC/IDMT Calculator
Calculate the protection trip time (TOC/IDMT) according to IEC 60255 and IEEE C37.112-1996 protection curves.
Study Guide
Find useful study resources, organized in accordance with ANSI/NETA ETT certification standards.
Switchgear Test
Electronic form for testing switchgear equipment in accordance with NETA standards.
Tech Quiz
Sharpen your skills with our collection of quizzes on electrical safety, maintenance & testing of electrical equipment and industry standards.
Tech Talk
Gain access to a wealth of knowledge and expertise from experienced professionals in the electrical testing industry. Engage in discussions, share insights, and learn from real-world experiences.
Temperature Correction Factors
Correct insulation resistance (IR) test results to 20°C or 40°C and lookup recommended values.
Terms and Definitions
A complete library of terms related to electrical testing, with dynamic search.
Test Unit Converter
Convert between common test values such as Mega to Kilo and Base to Micro.
Thermography (IR) Tools
Get action levels, convert temperature, and more tools for infrared scanning.
Transformer Configurations
Get recommended test values, TTR tolerance and load currents for most ANSI transformers.
Transformer Terms & Definitions
Quick reference of over 125 transformer terms and acronyms with dynamic search.
Trip Unit TCC Calculator
Generate test currents and generic trip times for LSIG trip units, includes tolerance for pickup and time values.
Two-Winding Transformer Test
Electronic form for testing dry-type and liquid-filled transformers with TTR, WR, and PI.
Vacuum Circuit Breaker Test
Electronic form for testing medium-voltage vacuum circuit breakers in accordance with NETA standards.
Voltage Drop Calculator
Estimate the voltage drop of an electric circuit based on the wire size, distance, and anticipated load current.
Webinar Agenda
Stay up to date with the latest industry trends and best practices with these free upcoming webinars! Expand your knowledge and earn potential CTDs from the comfort of your workstation.
Wire Size Calculator
Calculate the appropriate low-voltage wire size based on NEC Article 310.15.
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